Do I need a Business Partner?

Business Partners can be a help to every business from start-ups to established companies. A Business Partner will:

  1. Bring additional or complementary skills
  2. Have ideas that when added to your own create new opportunities
  3. Provide support and motivation when times are tough
  4. Share the workload
  5. May have contacts and some funding to grow the business

When taking on a business partner it is sensible to have a business agreement so that there are no surprises and it gives a chance to ensure that both partners are clear about the direction the business is going. See: Business Partner Agreement help

I gave some tips on forming a business partnership last year which is still up to date, have a look at How to Avoid Business Partner pitfalls


One thought on “Do I need a Business Partner?

  1. Michael Andy

    It’s really a nice post related to business partners and their need. Business Partners are very helpful not only in terms of starting and establishing a business but also in the difficult phase of business. They are helpful in sharing workloads, ideas, support, and others need if they’re required.

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