Fed up with working for someone else?

Follow your dreamsWorking for a company can bring security (less now than in the past) and for those that are fortunate, job satisfaction. However it also can bring the stress of not being in control of your own destiny and there is nothing like creating your own business, perhaps following a passion and using fully your skills.

If you are in a job at the moment but thinking of beginning your own business, here are a few tips I’ve picked up over the years of talking to those that have been successful:

  1. Don’t immediately quit. Do as much research and planning as you can while still bringing in a wage.
  2. You may already have a strong idea of what you want to do. But if not, look at what interests you and makes you happy. Starting a business you enjoy means that you are more likely to make it a success.
  3. Write down your thoughts on the business. That makes you think it through rather than just keeping everything in your head. Yes it is the dreaded “Business Plan”, but this can be just a couple of pages and doesn’t have to be formal. Having said that, have a look at the areas that are important to consider when starting a business in these Business Plan headings.
  4. Starting a business with a partner can be easier. You will have someone to bounce ideas off and motivate each other. Putting people together to begin or grow businesses is the reason that Company Partners started. Find a Business Partner.
  5. Don’t wait too long. It can be warm and comforting to have the dream and scary to actually start it. Wait too long and it may never happen.

There are a record number of new businesses starting across the world as regulations and technology make it easier than ever. Will you live your dream, or work for someone else who is living theirs?


3 thoughts on “Fed up with working for someone else?

  1. Will Critchen

    Especially agree on the last point. I’ve seen people who talk forever on what they will one day do and never actually do it!

  2. Michael Andy

    It’s a nice post. Nowadays, It is common that everyone become fed up with their job or working way so at that time a single guidance can make a huge difference for future. Thanks for sharing this useful post.

  3. Business Cash Flow

    Yes, I agree with what you said. I think that it is easier to have a partner when running a business. My business partner is my husband. The good thing about it is that I have someone to talk and consult to about business.

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