Company Partners blog goes live

I have succumbed to the inevitable and started a blog for Company Partners. The key and dare I say the challenge is to have informative and interesting content and not just my personal ramblings, although there will be a fair quantity of those, no doubt thrown in to the mix.

The blog will however keep to what we know:

  • Elements of starting a business
  • Growing existing businesses
  • Anything about Business Partners, Mentors and Business Angels
  • Raising business angel investment
  • Finding rewarding business investment opportunities

While I may be commenting on what is being said or done elsewhere, I really don’t want to just duplicate content or opinion that is already out there, that’s of no value to anyone.

If you are one of the early readers of this blog, you have a chance to shape it by letting me know if there are particular areas that you would like us to cover, just hit the “comment” button.

2 thoughts on “Company Partners blog goes live

  1. jackson mutebi

    thanks lawrence for the great work done looking forward to the great insights from all over the world

  2. David Bates

    Lawrence Hi
    I agree with what you are saying and it is a mystery to me why more people don’t have a go. We did seven years ago, and what is more we started in a foreign country and believe me we were not experts in our chosen field. In the seven years I have spoken with many people about what we have achieved and you can tell they want to follow, but the one word that keeps popping up is ‘fear’ they are simply not strong enough or confident enough to make the leap.
    Now we are looking to move on and take what we have learned back to the UK, another leap into the unknown! so we are up to our ears in spread sheets and business plans once more, then its off to find the financial support we need. And I can honestly say its jolly good fun.

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