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Super DeliSandwich looking for business partner to expand our business

Member: kai38
Located in: London, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

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Background Information

Super DeliSandwich, a popular fresh food take out concept in the city of London, we currently trading in a small outlet in the city of London, serving breakfast, sandwiches, salad & hot lunch. Our goal is to create a chain of store across London . We are looking for business's partner to help expand the business

The business
The business originally trading as sandwich bar, in a small take away outlet between Liverpool street and the spitalfield, a fairly typical over the counter serving from breakfast to freshly cut sandwiches with large choice of sandwich mix , the business work well at the time, but for past few years the business become noticeably uncompetitive against wave of new food outlets, and it got to a point that we were in danger of driven out of business. In response to the changing business environment , we decided to remodel our business, the goal was create a higher quality and scalable food concept with a strong brand identity that could be easily replicated .
I spent the last three years developing and rebuilding the business, refurbishing the premises, testing our menu with our customer

Our efforts so far have achieve encouraging result, since we formally trading as super delisandwich at 2013, we see overall turnover increased by 40% It shows that the business is gaining momentum.

The opportunity
As our business now has becoming a more distinctive brand of fast food sandwich shop
The nature progression would be to adding new outlets In a more prominent locations . This will enable us to position ourselves into the unexplored premium Hot Deli Sandwich Market, this present a great opportunity to enter the early stage of a proven business concept with a tried and tested model plus proven trading record, and a huge potential to create a valuable brand.
I am looking for a result driven, creative developer with a broad range of experience and skills with a passion for building business. can be join venture, equity funding, buy in , whatever you can bring onto the table, hope to the goal is to turn a this small business into valuable brand

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