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If you are starting, or growing a business, you could do so quicker with the help of a Business Angel investor, Mentor, or Business Partner.


Business Angels

We have Business Angel Investors who have funds to invest in good opportunities, they will also have expertise and contacts that can make a difference to your business. You can search directly on-line and contact them.


These are experienced business people, who have been there and done it. Their advice & guidence will help ensure your business is a success. You can find them in our database.

Business Partners

Starting, or growing your business by yourself can be daunting. Search for members that are looking for others to start up a business with, or to add their skill and enthusiasm to an existing business.

Business angels, mentors and


How it works: We have a database of potential business partners, looking to join with a like-minded person to either start a business, or to bring expertise into an existing business. We also have Mentors and Investors looking to put time and funds into interesting opportunities.

What you do is to first register as a member and that allows you to look about the site, try out searches and even put in draft business proposals, this costs nothing but it gives you a chance to get a feel for how it all works.

Then when you are ready, upgrade to a full member. Full membership costs just £29.95 per month and there is no minimum period - you can cancel at anytime. This allows you to post your business proposal live, for others to see and start contacting potential Investors or Business Partners.

You can do full searches, get notified when someone matching your requirements joins and send private messages directly to business partners that you have found in your searches, including Mentors and Investors, with a link to your profile. Others that match your criteria will also be able to contact you.





Video transcript...
What can you do for me? Company Partners is for people who are either starting a business, or perhaps have an existing business but looking to grow it faster. We do that in three ways, we have people, like yourself, looking for a business partner. If you are starting a business, having a business partner to do so with can help because you can bounce ideas around and act as a sounding board for each other and generally motivate each other, and if you've got an existing business finding someone with complementary skills to join, you can push it forward a little quicker. Secondly we have Business Angels, or people with funds to invest looking for great opportunities. Thirdly we have Mentors, that's people with good experience, looking for young companies to join and make a difference. How does it work?... You put your profile in, it's very easy to do so, it only takes a few minutes, but then you can search for other business partners, Investors, Business Angels, Mentors and they can search and find your profile as well. What are the next steps?... If you haven't already, register. It's free and you can look around the site, you can search for other member's profiles, get a feel for it and then when you are ready, you can register as a full member.


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"Found a sales partner to join me. Finally we'll be able to get our business up to the next level."
Ian Pemrose - Southeast UK

"Contacted several potential Investors and ended up securing an Investor who also was able to contribute his experience."
Simon Barnes - Midlands UK

"Finding an Investor was proving impossible, but your site proved to be the ideal answer. I can't recommend it highly enough."
Jane Aireton - Alderney, Channel Islands



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