Privacy Policy

Company Partners strongly believes in protecting your personal information. This policy sets out our privacy commitment to you.

What Data we will collect

  • When you register for Company Partners service we will collect certain contact and other information in order to provide you with and administer the service.
  • We may also track the pages on our site, which are visited. This is in order to be able to improve the way in which our website operates.


  • To assist the optimal use of the Company Partners Service by Members, a temporary session cookie is used. These cookies disappear when the Member's browser session ends, or if the Member clicks the log-off text.

How we will use your data

  • We will use your data in order to be able to provide you with and administer relevant services, and/or to respond to queries which you raise, as well as for other normal business purposes.
  • We will occasionally send you updates or Company Partners information/newsletter unless you wish us not to (you can opt out of receiving occasional newsletters in your Preferences section). We will not supply your personal data to any third party.
  • Once a Member has registered and posted their profile, some or all of the Profile Information held for that Member, except for the email address, will be available to other members as part of the Company Partners service.
  • Email addresses. We do not directly make your email address available to anyone on any screen of the Company Partners Service. Your e-mail address is hidden and cannot be seen by any outside party. We use a blind e-mail system to insure your privacy. Members' personal notes should not include their email address.
  • Credit Card information. We use Worldpay plc, a Bank of Scotland company, who operate a secure server, to process our credit card payments. They encrypt Members' credit or debit card information and authorise payment directly. Members' credit card details are not stored by us.


  • This Privacy Policy applies just to this website. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of any third party sites.
  • We have appropriate security measures in place to ensure the security of your data.

Company Partners Ltd. is a company incorporated in England and Wales (Company No 4666501).
Data protection registration: Z8231127