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Unique Cycling Product targeted at UK and International Market Place

Member: Longfellow
Located in: West Sussex, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Business Details

Business Stage:
  • Start-up/Seed (business to be started)
Amount Required:
  • £15000.00
Investment Types:
  • Debt/loan financing
  • Equity/shares
  • Product R&D
  • Initial start-up of business
  • Sales & marketing
  • Working capital
  • Sports/Leisure/Tourism/Recreation

Short Description

Short Description of Ridergo Bicycle Seat

The Ridergo Cycle Seat is a revolutionary approach to the cycle seat with aesthetic appeal and zero health risks.
The most obvious product differentiator between the Ridergo and the standard cycle seat is based on the patented technology referred to as Split2Fit.

Cycling is enjoying a worldwide resurgence due to inherent green credentials.

The inventor is currently the sole driving force behind the concept and is passionate about the future of this product.

Positive discussions have taken place with the UK's largest quality cycle retailer to distribute the seat across England and into Scotland.

It will be launched initially in the UK followed by the US and Australia.

A robust marketing plan underpins the strategy for the business.

Looking for an investor/s to help kick-start the project in return for equity.
Comprehensive business plan is available

Worldwide patent filed.

Executive Summary

Executive Summary

The Ridergo Bicycle Seat


The Ridergo cycle seat is a revolutionary new product aimed at addressing the design flaw inherent in the conventional bicycle seat which causes discomfort and carries with it, urogenital-health risks. It incorporates an aesthetically-pleasing design.

A Worldwide patent has been applied for.

Feedback from a leading brand manager within the cycling industry indicates significant potential, and realistic expectations are that market capture could achieve in excess of 500,000 units sold within the first 5 years.

A factory in Italy has been approached for production and great emphasis has been placed on a marketing and distribution plan.

In the UK, to begin with, overheads will be kept as low as possible by outsourcing certain functions. Driving sales through marketing and administration will be the primary functions of the UK office.

A decisive strategy will be to gain agreements with bike manufacturers to place the Ridergo on bikes prior to point of sale.

The Market

Market Value

Cycles and accessories sales are estimated to amount to GBP500 million per annum in the UK.

The BBC estimated in an article titled "A Saint in the Saddle, "July 17, 2007 BBC Live, that there are 5 million regular cyclists in the UK.

According to Transport for London there has been an 83% rise in the numbers of cyclists in London over the last 7 years.
The Times, reported in Saturday, April 26, 2008 that there has been an 87% increase in the number of cyclists using the National Cycle Network according to the cycling charity Sustrans (

Evidence suggests that the cycling market place is exceptionally well poised for a new seat design. The financial argument for the introduction of such a product is equally viable with a good return on one's investment and effort expected due to high profit margins.

The cycling market is quick on the uptake; punters (from leisure to commuter to professional), will typically buy the latest or lightest technology to be at the cutting edge. New cycling technology feeds in from a diverse range of disciplines such as triathlon, mountain biking and road cycling.

A seat design that addresses the very real issues of comfort and urogenital safety in an aesthetically pleasing manner, as does this product, will be seriously considered by any potential cycle/cycle accessory buyer.


The above set of facts combined with the reality of a cycling renaissance - we are likely entering a period of unmatched growth on a scale never before witnessed - paint a very positive outlook. Alternative, healthy, green-friendly modes of transport are the future.

In the UK the cycling industry is an exceptionally vibrant business sector with year on year growth and is of special interest to a potential investor because of its resilient nature to current market downturns with a unique positioning that seats it as an antidote to high motor car fuel costs and road tax.

Cyclists who are likely users of the Ridergo Seat are:

-Multisport (Triathlon, Duathlon, Orienteering)
-Health clubs with stationary or indoor cycles
-Utility Cyclists.

The Product

The product is a bicycle seat or bicycle saddle. It is fully retrofit capable, ie, you can fit it to 90% of bicycles which utilise the existing bicycle seat post/clamp arrangment.

The obvious differentiator between this product and the standard bicycle seat is design technology known as Split2Fit. The benefit of the design is the elimination of the cyclist's weight bearing down on the delicate uro-genital or perineal region of the human body.

In essence, the product diligently seeks to provide a comfortable, ergonomic and functional platform which enables male and female cyclists to interface with the bicycle and to enhance the cycling experience.

It is envisioned that the attractive logo and packaging will further compliment the attractiveness of the product.

The Management

The business savvy inventor will be the key player along with an investor who will ideally bring retail knowledge to the table.

The inventor has management experience and a keen interest and knowledge of the cycling industry.

The inventor holds passion and an unshakeable belief in the uniqueness and value that this product affords in both a commercial sense and that of fulfilling a very real need in the cycling market place.

The inventor is keen to draw upon relationships with the Managing Director and Brand Manager of the UK's biggest quality cycling retailer in order to gain a distribution agreement for the product.


As the business has not commenced trading there is no set of financials yet.

The inventor seeks £15,000.00 in return for 20% equity and investor experience in retail/sports to kick-start the website and marketing, fine-tuning of the prototype and the initial production run.

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