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M&A business venture with high ROI

Member: pererap
Located in: London, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Business Details

Business Stage:
  • Start-up/Seed (business to be started)
Amount Required:
  • £50000.00
Investment Types:
  • Equity/shares
  • Initial start-up of business
  • Working capital
  • Management buy-in/buy-out
  • Advertising, PR & Marketing
  • Business Services/Consulting
  • Fashion & Design
  • Import/Export
  • IT Services/Consulting
  • Retail Trade & Shops
  • Wholesale Trade

Short Description

Looking for £50k seed capital for equity shares preferably from a UK investor who can move fast-paced.

Current Social-economic factors of the UK and globally have opened a lifetime opportunity in the M&A sector. Shyam group is formed to use the opportunity to build a highly profitable group of jewellery companies with a well-planned M&A strategy backed by an experienced management team.

We have secured the backing of a VC firm for the initial capital required (£1.1M) for the acquisition of 3 profitable businesses. We are now seeking additional £50,000 seed capital for the initial cost before we receive the VC funds.

We are offering 5% equity of the holding company which gives you 500% ROI on your capital in 5 years or early exit if needed.
Full business plan will be shared after signing an NDA by the interested parties.

Executive Summary

Shyam Holdings was formed to take strategic advantage of the changing UK high street and the family-owned well-established traditional jewelers.

Even though the online Jewellery market is booming, these high-street jewelers provide a service that cannot be met by online jewelers. Specialized jewelers are generally making £500k to £2M turnover annually with a net profit margin of a minimum 20% by serving the local community. These jewelers play a very vital role in the UK high street. These businesses have weathered all economic situations including the latest Pandemic and economic downturns. Jewellery is one of the very few sectors that bounced back immediately after the lockdown.

We have an experienced management team in place to form the group and build it to achieve the goals and the targets we have set.

We will share full details once a NDA is in place with any interested investor.

Year 1-2
Buy and Merge stage; Strategically acquire and merge to form the group that gives £10M group turnover with current NP margins over 20% in the industry.

Build Stage. Build the group turnover to reach £20M+ with increased NP margins by implementing the business development strategy the holding team has put together.

The value of the group in 5 years will be 6-9 times of its EBITDA which will be highly attractive to VC and PE.

A VC firm has agreed to fund £1.1M for the 1st round of the acquisition of 3 target businesses.

We need an additional £50k for a 5% equity share of the group company to meet some of the initial costs likely to be incurred. 1st year net profit is estimated to be £500k+. Investors can exit any time after the 1st year selling back the equity to the founders at the new valuation.

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