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Organisational development company looking to franchise seeks partner/investor

Member: ALAN193
Located in: Kent, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

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Background Information

We have been developing and testing a suite of unique products designed to improve individual, team and organisational performance for the last ten years. These are based on the new science of Positive Psychology, and the practical tools of Sport Psychology. Our work has been well received, particularly in the public sector, and we have achieved some remarkable returns on investment for clients.

In a nutshell, we help release people's trapped strengths to enable them to perform at their optimum, whatever their role in the workplace. For organisations, this means they get more from the same, which is going to become crucial as the crunch bites.

Our intention is to grow and eventually franchise the operation.

However, we lack the experience and expertise in sales and marketing which is needed to fully exploit our products. We are therefore seeking one or more commercially-minded partners who understand the business we are in to drive and influence this opportunity on a deferred payment basis (equity share, commission, whatever), and/or investment to kickstart the initiative.

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