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Great Business Opportunity For The Right Partner

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Located in: London, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

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Looking for:
  • Established business - looking for partner
  • Established business - looking to recruit
  • Consulting
  • Education and training
  • Marketing/PR
  • Sales
  • Security
  • Advertising, PR & Marketing
  • Business Services/Consulting
  • Education & training
  • Retail Trade & Shops

Background Information

Peter Thiel, one of the founders of PayPal and a seed investor in Facebook was asked what he looks for in an investment proposal.

His response was ?the team?.

Mr. Thiel responded in that manner because he understands that many of the great business ventures of our time were created by two or more people.

Apple, Google, Microsoft, are few examples of successful businesses founded by more than one entrepreneur.

People with diverse backgrounds possessing singular vision, passion and energy complement each other.

The most difficult task in any business venture is recruiting the right talents.

It is incredibly difficult for any business, especially a startup to find and acquire smart and talented people.

This is the reason I believe partnering is the right course of action.

What Qualities Do I Seek in a Partner?

I recently completed my pitch deck for a business with 93% gross margin and a £35 million turnover in five years.

As a part of my fund raising process, I am seeking a partner to bolster my team.
I seek someone capable of working alongside me and complementing me in areas that I am weak.

My prospective partner needs to be a well-read, smart and intelligent person.

The individual needs to have a crystal clear vision for their life.

They need to have drive and enthusiasm and possess skills that are critical for business growth.

Finally, they need funds to invest.

Having funds to invest is not as essential as the other qualities.

Providing resources demonstrates deep level of commitment.

If you believe you meet all or some of the above criterion, please get in touch.

Or if you are currently seeking a partner for your own business and you feel there might be ways of merging two of our businesses, please get in touch.

What?s in it for You?

You will have the opportunity of being a partner in a business projected to turnover £35 million of which £22 million is profit.

Partner Selection Process

Step one: Get in touch to request the pitch deck

Step two: After reviewing the deck, if you are interested in partnering with me, send me a pitch of your own outlining the value you will bring to the partnership

Step three: If there is a fit, we commence formal discussions

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