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Opportunity for investor in a High demand service in private health care provision for specialised services for women with a diagnosis of personality disorder.

Member: YENDIE205
Located in: Yorkshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Business Details

Business Stage:
  • Established (ready for expansion)
Amount Required:
  • £100000.00
Investment Types:
  • Equity/shares
  • Product R&D
  • Initial start-up of business
  • Sales & marketing
  • General expansion of business
  • Equipment/inventory purchase
  • Working capital
  • Medical/Healthcare

Short Description

We are a private limited company. Our service is a Treatment modality for women with personality disorder in community settings. There is now a steady decline for commissioning services for this population group in medium and low secure hospitals with the preference of specialised residential supported services such as ours.
We have made good progress in setting up the residential facilities, we have a highly skilled management team with over 100 years experience of working with this particular population group.
There has been an increase in demand on our service from commissioning groups and would like an investor who can support this growth. Our customers are the NHS and other specialised commissioning groups

Executive Summary

Executive summary

Our organisation was established in September 2012 and is incorporated as a Private Limited Company. Our administrative offices are located in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

The service
Our service is based on National strategies introduced by the government in support of services for clients with a diagnosis of personality disorders (this is no longer a diagnosis of exclusion.) National service frameworks are built around supporting these clients in a therapeutic setting, the current research concludes that this particular patient group respond better to being managed within a safe environment where they feel more supported and involved in the decisions about their care and treatment as opposed to secure services. The research also concludes that patients in secure services do not fully engage with their treatment provision. This is at a high cost of facilities to the NHS and independent services.

The management

Critical to the management of the client group is the skill mix of our staff. We have built a strong senior management team. We have recruited 5 highly skilled and experienced specialist Nurse Managers and former Directors of similar health provider services into our management steering committee. This committee will shortly be joined by a highly accredited Consultant Psychiatrist who is specialised in the clinical management of clients with personality disorders. Training for staff will be focused on the government accredited knowledge and understanding framework for personality disorders (KUF)
CV.s are available on request.

The market:
From April 2013, it is our expectation that the demand for this type of service will rapidly grow due to the changes in preferences for the commissioning of community based services for our women with personality disorder. We have consulted with reliable commissioners of these services and it is clear that the market is growing much larger that we initially envisaged.


We are currently not yet producing profit, our main focus has been to invest in recruiting high calibre managers to place us at a competitive advantage.
We seek marketing and investment to secure a leadership position in this niche market. To achieve our objectives, we seek £100000 either in the form of a loan repayable with agreed interest from the cash flow of the business within 3 years or raised by equity sale at an agreed percentage. We are willing to negotiate a combination of these possibilities with the right investor.

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