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E-Ticketing website with huge potential... looking for business partners

Member: sandeepv
Located in: London, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Business Details

Looking for:
  • Would like a suitable partner to start a business
  • Established business - looking for partner
  • Consulting
  • Entertainment industry
  • Financial
  • Information Technology
  • Sports/Leisure/Tourism/Recreation

Background Information

I own a fantastic domain name for E-Ticket booking with huge potential, which can be implemented on a global scale. All the initial setup was ready like Business name registration, Business Bank account and VAT registration etc.

This website aims to serve tickets for Flights, Trains, Buses, Cruise, Events & Entertainment venues, Cinemas.

Simply, in one sentence: Any ticket, one website!

The website was in conceptual stage. I had received offer for website development from a specialist website development firm who has a decade of expertise in similar work. Currently I am looking for business partners to join and help to take this startup further. I have part investment and concept. I am looking for partners with Marketing expertise who can help with concept enhancement, business plan development and also who can Invest part of it or have the ability to secure funding from third party.

Please feel free to contact me to know more.

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