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Radio Frequency ID for Globe Tracking Systems

Member: thamobaidy
Located in: West Midlands, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Business Details

Business Stage:
  • Started (ready for first growth)
Amount Required:
  • £50000.00
Investment Types:
  • Debt/loan financing
  • Equity/shares
  • Sales & marketing
  • Equipment/inventory purchase
  • Working capital
  • Advertising, PR & Marketing
  • Aerospace/Aviation & Automotive
  • Agriculture/Garden/Horticulture
  • Animal Welfare & Care
  • Architecture
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Biotech/Pharmaceuticals
  • Building & Construction
  • Business Services/Consulting
  • Computers Hardware/Software
  • Couriers & Distribution
  • Education & training
  • Electronics & Electrical
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Fashion & Design
  • Film/Photography/Music
  • Financial Services/Insurance
  • Food & Beverage Production/Sales
  • Health & Beauty/Well Being
  • Import/Export
  • Internet Services/ISP/Web
  • IT Services/Consulting
  • Medical/Healthcare
  • Oil/Gas/Electricity/Natural Resources
  • Personal Services
  • Publishing & Media
  • Property Development/Real Estate
  • Recruitment & HR
  • Retail Trade & Shops
  • Restaurants/Hotels/Pubs/Food Outlets
  • Sports/Leisure/Tourism/Recreation
  • Telephony/Telecom/Mobile
  • Trades (specialised)
  • Wholesale Trade

Short Description

GlobeTrack Technologies Ltd is a limited company in the UK. It is using the leading edge Radio Frequency ID PAssive Tags to track valuable assets.

Already successfully started and has a CONTRACT to supply systems to a global distributor based in Oxfordshire. we have financial projections, our management team is strong, but see the need to have additional marketing expertise join us, perhaps also someone with franchise experience.

We are looking to expand rapidly and seek both suitable additional expertise and some investment. Full business plan available.

Executive Summary

GlobeTrack Technologies Ltd
using Passive RFID


The main business focus of a NEWLY set-up company GlobeTrack Technologies Ltd is in the development of Software/Hardware businesses supplier of Assets Tracking Systems and Services on a national and international basis. This is implemented through the creation of partnerships with leading and innovative companies to acquire the marketing wrights, for its worldwide patent pending products. GTT is currently involved in a ?Heads of Agreement? with a major Tyre Components Distributor, and the involvement of Tyre warehouses customers for System evaluation process. The market sectors that have been researched are seen to be in a period of rapid expansion, the supplied Business Plan is to insure the delivery and see the customer?s evaluation process has been achieved.

GTT Unique Selling Points
1. Our technology offers Microsoft compliance, our innovative Handheld is an independent and complete unit with its READING Range up to 10 Meters which is not bound by a ?hardwiring? prerequisite in a warehouse.

2. Unlike using wifi ?(Wireless Local Area Network)? operations where the warehouse has to be CABLED to achieve its reading range. Our technology is built on the ?Docking Station? communications concept, where data can be transported via any network connection. Moreover some manufacturers claim a 10m distance with only a special Tag ?AD 431? type, ours on the other hand achieves this reading distance with any manufacturer/supplier?s Passive Tag

3. Using GPRS, mobile communications link, will bring GSM/GPS technology to the GTT Handheld. Our communications link will use mobile telephony to upload, enabling the operator to immediately report his/her findings back to base (quantities, condition, physical location, problems or any other designated report category) in a standard, automated form. This will allow queries or problems to be resolved faster, and make stock control, re-ordering etc more efficient. An added advantage to the steel warehouse prospective customer is our products capacity will enable them to scan and report instantly their stock situation within their 80 acre site.

4. Our Software and Inventory tracking functionalities developed with the Industry Standard in mind, adheres to all market standards including Tyre international concepts. Therefore we can offer, with our ?1.00 tag, all Inventory functionalities without the needs to EMPLOY any IT Department or staff. This is GTT ?s most effective USP in the market place.

5. Whilst our Tags are unique worldwide as they have our ID and our numbering system, however, our Systems are tuned to cater for Tyre manufacturers who are already using RFID implanted tags within their products. As some Tyre manufacturers have started implanting an RFID chip within the tyre itself, our Software system is designed to cater for and accommodate both current & future manufacturer?s RFID Tyre implants.

6. Our system is built using PASSIVE TAG technology as that will have an impact on the pricing structure. Consequently we offer an AFFORDABLE and custom designed solution to suit individual SME ?s need. For an SME to use 10k tags will require the IT department infrastructure to track these tags update, backup and administrate, however, we can offer all of these functionalities and more for ?1.00+ few pennies annual rent.

Markets and Return On Investment

1. The market for RFIDs and systems is still emerging, but the worldwide market has been estimated at $26bn by 2016.

2. Heads Of Agreement Contract already signed with a major Tyre Components worldwide distributor. Successful Demonstration to major Solicitor?s National chain, and Successful Demonstration to a Steel Warehouse.

3. Majority of the R&D cost has already been absorbed for one contract

4. Delivery of Corporate Systems functionalities to SME?s without the need to have an SME IT Department.

5. Offering of Microsoft Corporate functions as well as our functionalities at affordable pricing structure.

6. With our Unique GPS Handheld Scanner, and our 3 market verticals customers, there are multiple markets to address and that will produce the annual and incremental expansion for both technology and increase annual profits %.

7. High calibre qualified GTT Directors and associates/staff.


All directors have many years of experience in the ICT industries, all of a university graduates and The MD has successfully run a similar business in consultancy for major Banking and Hardware manufacturers like IBM. Full biographies are available upon request.

Financials & Sales forecast
Companies classified on their sizes, Small, Medium, Large and Very Large.
Very conservative number of tags and their services sold
Totals for Year1 is 557,000 Tags sold, Year 2 Tags Sold is 1,111,500 and Year 3, Tags Sold 1,632,000

The net profit, after corporation tax, is forecast to be Yr 1 £74,356, Yr 2 £279,992, and Yr 3 £594,457. Growth % are 26% Yr2 & 47% Yr3.

Cash Flow & Funding: Trading Terms, Business Plan assumes
A) Paying for Hardware/Tags with Income 2 Months later, Funds Req. ?524,406.00.
B) Customer Pay 50% on delivery for Hw/Tags, Funds Req. ?161,626.00

The right investment partner who would share our project and product equity will enjoy a healty returns on their investment.
Our Business Plan is available on request

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