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Cakes by Occasion; cake maker and decorator

Member: cello1993
Located in: South Yorkshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Business Details

Business Stage:
  • Started (ready for first growth)
Amount Required:
  • £45000.00
Investment Types:
  • Debt/loan financing
  • Equity/shares
  • Sales & marketing
  • General expansion of business
  • Equipment/inventory purchase
  • Food & Beverage Production/Sales
  • Personal Services
  • Retail Trade & Shops

Short Description

'Cakes by Occasion' is a limited company based in the UK. It will produce and sell a wide selection of cupcakes and celebration cakes, alongside cupcake inspired gifts, in a boutique shop.
Already established as a successful home and web based business, designing and creating celebration cakes for a wide range of occasions, Cakes by Occasion is looking for rapid expansion. Running now for just over a year, turnover has increased through local advertising and recommendations through word of mouth. The product being promoted is strong but needs expertise in order to take it further.
We are looking to expand into a large retail outlet and seek both additional expertise and investment to move this forward. A full business plan is available.

Executive Summary

Cakes by Occasion
'Cakes by Occasion' is a sole trader business within the UK. It will offer a range of cupcakes and a bespoke cake design service alongside a range of cake inspired gifts and home ware.
We have already started providing this service and response has been positive, with a regular client base and the recommendations from previous clients. There is an easily accessible website that has been successful in making links with other businesses, as well as providing an advertising space for potential clients.
Since the days of 'Sex in the City', the cupcake has become a fashionable treat for everyone. The kudos of buns being for children has been replaced by the style and couture of cupcake design. Following an American cupcake business idea, Cakes by Occasion will offer a cupcake bar with a daily selection of cupcakes, in a wide variety of flavours, as well as a bespoke ordering service available for collection.
The business has been running for twelve months, on a part time basis, and has seen an increase in turnover of 75% based on figures at this time in 2009. We are looking to expand rapidly into a full time concern and seek both additional expertise and investment.
The Market
The timing is right for this venture to expand. The number of bakeries offering cupcakes has been steadily increasing, with a large number of people starting up home based businesses around the UK. Eventhough there are increasing cupcake sellers, the majority of them are home based meaning that they have to advertise in order to aquire sales restricting the distance that they can ideally reach. A physical place to buy cupcakes, within a popular shopping centre, allows for the footfall to increase due to 'passers-by', with the huge number of visitors to this shopping centre, both local people and those further a field, means that the reputation and serviceable area is increased phenomenally.
Bespoke cakes are a way that individuals can specify exactly what they want either in a collection of cupcakes or a celebration cake, meaning that their function or event is unique. Due to the versatility of cake design this is becoming an ever popular celebration essential.
The service
In addition to the cupcake bar, there will be a bespoke cake design, which will include personalised celebration and wedding cakes, alongside this an opportunity to develop our own product of cupcake decorating kits.
The specialised cake making facility will be dedicated to providing a consistent high level of customer satisfaction by rendering an excellent service, quality products, made with locally sourced ingredients; and presenting a friendly, approachable environment with a range of products at an affordable price.
There are further opportunities of expansion through the development of a food retail outlet offering a selection of hot and cold beverages alongside a selection of cupcakes and other baked goods or as a themed gift shop, selling cupcake related giftware and bake ware.
The Management
The business has so far been run through a limited knowledge of this type of business, although some advice has been sought through experienced business owners within the same field. This will require someone with the experience of developing a business of this type in order for it to reach its full potential.
Although not yet producing huge profits, due to money being put back into the business to source advertising, training and equipment; it is expected that profit will be evident by the end of this year due to an increasing number of new and returning customers. It is my belief that there is a much larger market available than I can address at present and so am seeking marketing and investment to grab a possible unique opening within this market.
To achieve our objectives, Cakes by Occasion is seeking £45,000 either as a loan to be paid back with agreed interest within an agreed timescale, or raised by equity sale, percentage to be agreed. A combination of these is possible and can be subject to negotiation.

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