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-biofuel blending and processing significantly reducing co2 emissions

Member: amsproat
Located in: Perth, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Business Details

Business Stage:
  • Start-up/Seed (business to be started)
Amount Required:
  • £100000.00
Investment Types:
  • Debt/loan financing
  • Equity/shares
  • Research of a business proposal
  • Product R&D
  • Initial start-up of business
  • Sales & marketing
  • Equipment/inventory purchase
  • Working capital
  • Aerospace/Aviation & Automotive
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Oil/Gas/Electricity/Natural Resources

Short Description

I have a precombustion process for blended biofuels ,e10,b85 and.b25b that reduce co2 emissions by 21.9%,16.2% and 48.9% respectively.i intend to sell fuel samples and lease lab size processors

Executive Summary

samples of the above fuels,and untested ethanol/diesel.butanol/ diesel blends, are available for validation purposes.standard mot emission printouts are also available
the b85 will meet the epa,usa classification for alternative fuels.more information available at .

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