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Require Short Term Finance for approx one month for larger immediate projects we have won

Member: Xtranet
Located in: Bedfordshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Business Details

Business Stage:
  • Established (ready for expansion)
Amount Required:
  • £30000.00
Investment Types:
  • Debt/loan financing
  • Working capital
  • Computers Hardware/Software
  • Education & training
  • Electronics & Electrical
  • IT Services/Consulting
  • Trades (specialised)

Short Description

Xtranet-ITSolutions is a limited company in the UK.
We provide IT technicians on a weekly basis to educational establishments in Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Essex. We have just opened a new branch in Suffolk.
We also supply whole network IT solutions and AV equipment including fitting services.
We are partnered with some major software/hardware vendors which include Intel,Symantec,Trend and Allied Telesyn which is unusual for a company of our present size. Intel will potentially in 2010 be launching a new product to the UK through us for education. The product will be unique for the education market.
We are an exclusive regional reseller of a new green product which is very exciting turning 1 computer into 6 independent computers which is now launching. This product has been awarded The Green Apple Award and the Rolls Royce Award For Innovation plus many other awards. We are also able to recruit resellers to sell the product on.
This product would suite education and business namely call centres.
We also have our own in house developed server system for education which is very successful and is well received. This product competes and achieves a 90% bid win over its rivals who are multimillion pound companies and is an asset to our company.

We currently serve 30+ schools. We have attained INTEL GOLD PARTNER STATUS and are able to look after simple servers to complicated blade servers. We are also a Microsoft Volume License Partner,Acer Silver Partner,Fujitsu Partner,Allied Telesis Certified Partner,Trend Micro Afinity Partner to name a few.

We aim to start dealing directly with Local Authorities with low cost but good profit based products and have some good contacts as well as expanding our customer base at School level. We have a high degree of influence on school budget spending once we have attained customer confidence. We currently serve primary's only but wish to expand this to secondaries and universities.

Executive Summary


Xtranet-ITSolutions Ltd is a limited company in the UK.
It provides a number of services to educational establishments including hardware, software and installation sales.
Our customers have come to rely on us as this means retention of existing yearly contracts is high.

The Market

Yearly budgets in the educational sector have to be used or else the Local Authority claw the money back. This gives us a unique position on influencing the spend
The market is specialized and many companies have tried to break into the educational sector without success. There is a certain type of empathy and panash that individuals need to successfully sell into the educational sector. The staff at Xtranet understands this which is why we are so successful when it comes to dealing within education.
Have you looked and ever thought how many schools there are in a town area you might be surprised, this market is now right for expansion with new green guidelines and targets being imposed by local authorities on individual institutions. On top of this over the next 1-5 years the technology refresh of new operating systems and hardware ensures new opportunities for Xtranet-ITSolutions Ltd in the future.
With the ability to expand into untapped areas of the IT educational industry this could launch Xtranet-ITSolutions regionally if not nationally using the same or similar template for business we have already in place.
We know our competitors well and are making good headway into their share of the market in our current serviced areas with quotation bids attaining a 90%+ win rate.

The Director

Has been involved in Education and IT for almost 10 years, firstly as Head Technician working for a company running a similar service to Xtranet-ITSolutions but on a smaller scale.
Recognizing a commercial opportunity in this area the Director decided to set up his own company.
The Director is competitive and has goals to share and complete for this company but is always willing to adopt new opportunities created from this partnership.


This company is producing profits, and owns all of its equipment/systems for running and administering the company. We are ploughing back revenues into the company. We have become so successful that we are in an overtrading position and that impacts our current cash flow. Exact financial to-date is available.
We also own stock of equipment that is regularly sold to establishments

We have recently won 100% of our quotations and have started working with other Educational supply companies. We require short term finance for quotations we have won supplying high turnover products such as laptops, computer workstations and netbooks. Profit is reasonable due to our partner status with the manufactures.

We would be approachable to the type of return desired from investment into Xtranet-ITSolutions Ltd but regard this as a long term project of growth and partnership.

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