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Experienced English Lawyer looking for a new challenge.

Member: Paulm
Located in: Essex, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

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Background Information

Hi thanks for taking a look at my profile.
I?m a 53 year old English lawyer. For the past 25 years I?ve been a professional locum, specialising in Family law and Civil Litigation. During that time I?ve worked with upwards of 80 law firms. To be a successful self employed locum with no job security, you have to be hardworking, good at what you do, and be able to get to grips with complex issues quickly and accurately, often at short notice. You have to be able to get on well with clients and colleagues and be focused on what you are doing. You need to be highly organised and reliable.
For a while I have wanted a change of scene. During my career, I have made a lot of contacts in the legal world, and believe that I have a good understanding and insight into the way that lawyers think and operate. I have always been interested in looking at ways that the delivery of legal services can be improved and changed to embrace technological advances and the needs of clients, and believe that the unusual career path that I?ve had and the exposure to so many law firms is something that I?d now like to focus on in the next stage of my working life.
To that end I would be interested to talk to people in the following scenario?s ;
1. Lawyers in practice who might find the experience that I?ve outlined above useful in the development of their firms;
2. Lawyers who are considering setting up a practice but not along traditional lines. This is something which particularly interests me. I think there is a lot of scope in this area. I?d really like to exchange ideas and help to develop something different that works in a commercial setting;
3. Business people with their own companies who might benefit from having someone like me on board or in a consultancy capacity, for either my legal background/knowledge or the practical skills that I have or a combination of the two.
If any of this resonates and you would like to have a chat entirely without commitment to see whether there is common ground between us, please get in touch. I?m based in North Essex.

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