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Company Partners has thousands of members with a vast range of business opportunities. Some are just starting and looking for experienced help, others are more established and looking to expand.

It may be that you are simply seeking a better return on your investments, or perhaps you have decided to operate a portfolio of business activities, adding your knowledge and experience either as a Investor only, or a working partner.

You can easily search for interesting opportunities through our own database of members and use our unique "Automatch" facility to be updated whenever a member matching your own criteria joins.

Finally, as an Investor, it is all free. Furthermore for your potential partners, the entrepreneurs, we don't charge huge fees or require equity from the business. That's important to you - because those fees and equity shares come from your own pocket when you've invested into the business.


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Hi my names Steve Fletcher. As someone who wants to invest in business, it's very important to have a communication to do that. I've found Company Partners, it's web site, it's access and it's staff to be most usable and as a result of which I've had several productive, and all being well successful, ventures in hand. I'd recommend Company Partners to anyone who wants to invest, or set up their own business, or indeed be a working partner.


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"I've looked at other ways of finding companies to invest in, but yours is the easiest and most straightforward..."

"There have been 5 really good possibilities that fit my needs exactly, I'm now following them up."

"I wanted to find an opportunity to be a working director of a business... identified several, highly recommend you."


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