Investor in Manufacturing & Property

Since joining Company Partners I have made two investments. One with an individual undertaking property development in East Anglia and the other with a small manufacturing company.

Although the first investment passed the initial 18 month contractual period and went into default, we were in regular contact and I extended the period. This investment has now reached a successful conclusion. All in all, most interesting. The borrower throughout the term was always most grateful that I made the loan.

The second investment in manufacturing,
although high risk, has reached the point where I have now converted the loan to shares. We have negotiated quite amicably and I work in the company full time and I must say enjoying it very much. If we can get some of the orders that we have worked extremely hard to initiate, then the pleasure will be greater.

This opportunity is a great fit, fully utilising my background with the attributes of the company. This contribution was seen as very much needed by the 'borrower' and we have worked well in pooling our respective talents and taking the company forward together.