Business Plan Workshop

Business Plan Workshop


Do you want to start your own business?
Have a business & want it to thrive - even in difficult times?
Would you sleep better knowing your business has the right plans in place?
Want to get investors for your business?

Are you thinking of starting a business?

Give yourself every chance of succeeding with this Business Planning workshop. We know business plans can be difficult - however they are one of the most important areas for any new business.
An essential course to ensure you make your business dream become a reality.

Already running a business?

We all face more uncertainty than ever before. Plan the next stage of your companies growth with this business planning workshop.
Take your company to the next level with this crucial course.

Business Plan Workshop

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on the Business Plan
Course for start-ups.

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    Testimonials from recent attendees.

...found it extremely helpful and timely. The workshop provided clear direction for me in preparing my business plan and I'm looking forward to putting this excellent tool to use in creating an effective business plan - thanks.
Marcia Buxton, Surrey

They are genuinely interested in helping push businesses along and making the process of writing a business plan, not just easier, but more stimulating, so that the outcome is a usable, living document that can be used for a wide variety of purposes.
Sally Perry, Co-Founder and Director, Go Figure



 9.45   Introduction to the business plan workshop.

10.00   The secrets of successful entrepreneurs.
The 6 things that every successful entrepreneur does and what we can learn from them. Even if already running an established business - this provides a crucial insight for success.

10.20   The business planning process.
The process of developing the plan is just as important as the plan itself - but what is the process? We explain the sequence of what to do, in which order to get the most out of your plan. We give you tips on how writing a plan can be easy and how getting the process right will treble the value of your plan.

11.10   Refreshment break

11.25   The structure of a business plan.
What is essential and what isn't. Your plan has to help you to drive the business forward and ensure that it survives in these difficult times. It may also have to help you to get funding and to give you a competitive market edge. It certainly has to allow you to sleep well at night, knowing you have done all you can to keep your business healthy

11.50   How to construct a winning plan using Business Plan Pro.
We lead you through all the sections of a plan using the best selling software package Business Plan Pro from Palo Alto Software. Business Plan Pro is guaranteed to save you time and money completing your business plan.

12.20   Resources to understand your market, including intellectual property (IP) rights. 
How do you protect your ideas? What about NDAs? How do you know if what you are thinking of has already been done? Do you know what your competitors are doing? Is there actually a market for your product or service? What is happening to your market, should you be looking to move into new business areas?

12.30   What Investors look for in a business plan (the 5 key must haves and the 5 biggest mistakes).
Whether you are starting in business, or have been going for many years, there is always the opportunity to grow faster with additional funds. But do you know what potential Investors are looking for?

12.50   The next steps to put in place your winning business plan.
We tell what the first things are that you must now do and how to stay successful. This workshop will give you practical and useable tools to make your business a success in 2010.

13.15   Close

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About the organiser:

Lawrence Gilbert
is the founder of Company Partners, the leading business matching service. Several hundred business plans are seen every year and he knows what works and what doesn't. Lawrence has started several businesses and held senior management positions at both corporate and small start-ups. He holds degrees in engineering, Management Science and a MBA from Imperial College.