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Women's Enterprise Day

14th Nov 2007

Today is Women’s Enterprise Day, part of a National week of enterprise in the UK.

To mark this and help women entrepreneurs find a business partner, Company Partners ( are giving away 5 Full memberships to the first 5 enterprising women to contact us.

The significance of women’s business to the economy has led to a massive growth in interest and initiatives that aim to boost the numbers of women owned businesses.

Gordon Brown has stated that if the UK could achieve the same levels of female entrepreneurship as the US, Britain would gain 750,000 more businesses.

Various studies have indicated that having caring responsibilities, less confidence in starting a business and concerns over debt, are major hindrances to women’s enterprise. By starting a business however with a partner many of these factors are less daunting and can be overcome.

The potential for the UK is enormous, with a third of the female population saying that they would start a business if it wasn’t for the fear of failure (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2003).

Fuelled by the rise of social, environmental, and ethical considerations, which are areas of interest to female entrepreneurs, a recent report found that 32.6 % of new starters are now female, against 22.2 % 17 years ago. (Dr Rebecca Harding, The State of Women's enterprise in the UK, November 2007).