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New Business Angels learn the ropes.

28th Apr 2009

When Company Partners' first thought of running a business planning workshop to give the tips and tricks learnt over years of reading good and sometimes very bad business plans, they thought the audience would be aspiring entrepreneurs. But increasingly Investors are also coming along.

With interest rates low and the stock exchange depressed, Investors are looking at alternatives and investing in young companies can bring additional benefits. Many Investors have accumalated years of expertise and knowledge that they want to share.

These Investors are often making their first foray into being Business Angels and are concerned at making the right choices based on reading a business plan. To this is added those senior executives who may have recently been made redundant and rather than join another large company, are thinking of helping a smaller business to grow.

In time these new Business Angels will be seeing more business plans than they could ever begin to deal with, but for now they want to know what to look for and that their own intuition of whether a business plan may work is justified.

The UK has untapped resources of experience and funding that has been put away over years of endevour in this new band of Business Angels. They may yet help to restore the UK's economy by backing the brightest of the new business talent coming through.

The next Company Partners Business Plan Workshop is on the 19th May at the British Library, for more information see .