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Im looking for mentor/business partner and investor for my new business-maternity and baby clothes

Member: maariite
Located in: Suffolk, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Business Details

Business Stage:
  • Start-up/Seed (business to be started)
Amount Required:
  • £50000.00
Investment Types:
  • Debt/loan financing
  • Product R&D
  • Initial start-up of business
  • Equipment/inventory purchase
  • Import/Export
  • Retail Trade & Shops

Short Description

Marry and Co is new company,who looking for investor/partner for retail shop opening.

Executive Summary

Maternity clothing shop in our location will be unique and the only one with the option of
trying the clothes on. In Ipswich we have big shops with very little clothing offers. Out
shop offers everything needed from the beginning of pregnancy.
Infant and baby`s clothing offers are quite a lot but my shop priority is - everything that you
need is in one place. Good quality clothes and hygiene items are available as too. It
isn't necessary to go to different shops.

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