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New Patented biomass wood pellet binder and high energy biomass fuel

Member: glowbrite
Located in: Co. Antrim, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Business Details

Business Stage:
  • Start-up/Seed (business to be started)
Amount Required:
  • £100000.00
Investment Types:
  • Equity/shares
  • Initial start-up of business
  • Sales & marketing
  • General expansion of business
  • Working capital
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Oil/Gas/Electricity/Natural Resources

Short Description

I am looking for investment and management team for two separate products, I have developed a new innovative binder for wood pellets and briquettes which is patent granted. The binder has been tested by Queens University in Belfast and Ulster University Jordanstown. It has also been tested by Lasta wood pellets and has reduced their binder consumption by two thirds.

The pellet have proven to be more durable and has less dust fines, reduces energy production costs for the producer. Higher calorific heat value, less ash, better combustion, repels moisture for longer shelf, good lubricant for longer life of machinery parts.

I am looking for investment to commercialise the product into the UK, ROI and European USA markets which are rapidly growing.

Product benefits.

The new wood pellet binder for inclusion in softwood pellets will give high durability above 98.6%. There will be less ash in our binder although this may be a small percentage it will still make an impact with power stations who consume many thousands of tonnes of wood pellets annually. Due to our binders properties it will help repel moisture for longer during storage, The binder is light for lower transport and handling costs, The European standard is 2% additive, 1% inclusion of our binder will be sufficient to create the 98.6 above threshold durability.

We have achieved 3.9% higher calorific heat value which equates to 3.9% more energy per tonne pellets. The less ash will mean less disposal costs. Lower dust fines will stop auger blockage and be beneficial regarding health & safety regulations where we can reduce the possibility of explosions in large silo stores due to no sulphur in our product.
Our binder has been observed in a small scale pellet mill where was identified to lower electricity where the amperage needle stabilised and the mill ran smoother than with the lignosulphonate binder. This will help reduce consumable parts wear & tear and increase production out per hour.
The industry is currently using calcium lignosulphonate as a binder which is high in ash 11 to 13.2% versus our binder @ 9.1% ash. High ash in domestic boiler can cause poor combustion in the boiler.

The test result on our binder has shown moisture content of 9%.
Test results have come back positive from Knight Energy Services and pellets are within EN Plus European standards. Certification will be sought by the pellet producer through Hetas who manage the scheme of the European pellet council.
We are also currently working on another binder which we believe will make water repellant biocoal for outside storage at power stations.

We have also developed a high energy wood chip @ Agri Food and Bioscience Institute data shows 21 Megajoules per kg versus standard wood chip at 19 Megajules per kg. The wood chip cleans the boiler system and gives complete combustion which results in less ash residue for lower disposel costs. The wood chip has 21.7% more energy versus standard wood chip fuel. 4.7% lower CO² emissions and less ash residue for lower disposal costs. More Hydrogen.

Our high energy wood chip has been approved by Granpal Boilers for the Republic of Ireland and UK RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) markets.

Our target customers are commercial megawatt and Industrial CHP (Combined Heat and Power plants.

The wood chip has been tested by the Department of Energy in Gadansk Poland by a leading Megawatt boiler manufacturer who supply boilers throughout Europe. The woodchip has been aproved by them for use in their boilers as it is within emissions levels of the Renewable Heat Incentive. Data available for viewing.

Executive Summary

I have developed a new innovative wood pellet & briquette binder which is patent granted. The binder has been tested by Queens University in Belfast and University of Ulster. It has been proven to lower energy by up to 20% for the producer versus the market leader in wood pellet binders. The binder has proven to be more durable with less dust fines than current pellets in the market.

The wood pellet industry has experienced problems with dust fines clogging up the auger system which transfers the pellets to the boiler fire pit.

15% of pellets turn to dust during transportation to the consumer. My pellet has alleviated this problem which will give the consumer and boiler manufacturers greater confidence in the fuel supply. The pellet will be EN A 1 Standard grade.

There are also problems with moisture in the current pellets in the market and my pellets repel moisture for longer giving it a longer shelf life..
The pellet binder can either be licensed out for royalties or manufactured. I am looking for investment to set up in business & complete first sale.

The next stage is to outsource manufacture the new wood pellet binder or Licence out to other companies in return for royalties.

The global wood pellet market is expected to grow from 12 million tonnes to 24 million tonnes by 2015. The total addressable market is ?5.2 billion in 2015.The UK government has released the RHI ( Renewable Heat Incentive) to drive the Renewable Energy Market forward & reduce CO2 emissions by 2020.

In European countries demand for wood pellets has out stripped supply.

We plan to target 600 pellet mills in Europe and many other mills in America and Canada. There is also an opportunity to target the Asian market as there is manufacturing of briquettes and wood pellets also.

22 k seed investment has been put into the business so far to get it to the current stage. The company has funds in account. Founder has also provided own funds and time pro gratis.

There are currently two directors in the company and we wish to build an experienced team in this industry to take our products into the renewable energy market.

Market report, University test reports available on request. We are looking for two seperate investments for our two products.

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