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Engineering Remote Support Solution for field based expert support

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Located in: Bedfordshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

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Background Information

What do we do?
Ask A Spark provides a web application that allows a layman user to book, pay for and connect with a ?subject-matter expert? (qualified electrical engineer), for real-time remote site evaluation (information gathering of critical data on symptoms and nature of the electrical fault) as well as possible subsequent instructed/supervised triage, of electrical matters where currently delayed or costly provision only exists by way of physical attendance by a technician.
Evaluation is a necessary exercise and can be monetised when skilled assessment is required on-site, that could be completed remotely utilising live wetrtc p2p connection. This saves footfall on-site and overheads by way of technicians physical attendance in a minimum of 33% of instances when addressing unexpected responsive instances.
Supervised instruction for remedy may be an option in some instances, alieviating risk and urgency of the matter, should an easy solution be achievable!. This may able to be concluded by the evaluation and access to the knowledge/experience pool of the qualified engineer feilding the live interaction.
Our ambitions are for other industry subject-matter-experts to be accessible to retail and commercial subject-relative enquiries/break-downs and be able to monetise (optional the priceless subject-matter knowledge for their own customer-base or employees/junior technician/field support,
By using remote viewing video-call protocol to the location that is needing expert evaluation and connecting it to the direct knowledge pool where a processed conclusion can be reached, this digital solution will massively expedite the necessary trade expert evaluation and critical information gathering time-spent within the field, as any consumers? smartphone/device forms the access point.
This now can monetise priceless experienced technical knowledge in a vast scalable way. Following the traction success demonstrated by ?Ask A Spark?, the undermentioned would be one step further:
A marketplace/Data-base/App of varying experts on a single platform (one-stop shop for all. Alibaba of advice)
Licencing for product for internal business use (cloned rebranded software/codebase/database for their business use, or other tailored solution
Soon, the ?Ask A ?xxx?? protocol will be franchised or licenced for other business users to hang their brand, select appropriate functions and deploy in their field.
We also intend to continue expansion to hardware integration - (wearable technology i.e. Holo-Lens,I-glasses, XR, VR and AR).
B2B licensing and reproduction for internally used duplicate platforms* to be used within large work-force support applications will create the ?Ask Agency? where business in a box solutions are available and scalable in a cost effective solution to other small and medium sized enterprises
*Multiple/infinite applications of this ?Ask A ?XXX? protocol/blueprint i.e. internal training, remote/inaccessibility on-demand specialist expertise ? medical, engineering, consultancy etc.

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