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3pL Entertainment Ltd. Entertainment Production & Construction.Mission:A legacy of consistently designing and aesthetically creating a Xanadu for memorable moments with a great share of smiles and laughs.Captivating the 6 sense organs in all our project

Member: 3pLEnthralProductions
Located in: United Kingdom (Great Britain)

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  • Established business - looking to recruit
  • Entertainment industry
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An experienced and competent business entrepreneur worked as a business operations manager, test analysts and more, who has worked across different markets/industries and always hungry for quality, exceeding expectations, and reaching for excellence. I bring over 14 years working experience at high levels in different business sectors, I have become competent in communicating sensitively with Stakeholders, Members of Staffs/Team Members/BUs, as well as members of the public to provide quality products/services & {PSD} that meet the needs of the clients/consumers. I am very business oriented, meticulous and analytical in the development and growth of market advantage and secured contingencies. My objective is to be a key player who contributes to the resources of your company to help maintain its competitive advantages and growth by understanding, researching, anticipating, and innovatively strategizing through the changes of the latent needs of the Clients as well as EUs, to drive productivity improvement, develop conceptual solutions while maintaining a hard-working inquisitive student mentality alongside professionalism in my approach. A quick learner as much as a self-starter with generative learning that is vital to innovatively solve problems whilst understanding the objectives of the company with perceptive and intuitive skill.

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