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Introducing The Rolling Dry Mop

Member: Skyisblue
Located in: Lancashire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Business Details

Business Stage:
  • Start-up/Seed (business to be started)
Amount Required:
  • £100000.00
Investment Types:
  • Equity/shares
  • Product R&D
  • Initial start-up of business
  • Sales & marketing
  • Working capital
  • Retail Trade & Shops

Short Description

Increasing number of household and business premises have solid flooring, such as tiles, solid wood, laminated wood or parquet.
Although these kinds of surfaces are less liable to staining and damage than other more traditional flooring such as cloth rugs, carpet or moquette there is no standardised method of cleaning them and spillages can be problematic.
Spillages of liquids need to be both absorbed and wiped away, and frequently the surface needs to be washed also, with clean water or detergent. Accordingly, the surface then needs to be wiped and any excess liquid absorbed again.

A traditional mop will wipe the surface and have absorbent qualities, whereby a user Will then need to wring the mop out.
In order to wring the mop out it is common that a correctly configured bucket will be required, with a wringing area and a liquid reservoir, wherein the reservoir is used to store clean liquid, but will become contaminated with dirty liquid as cleaning progresses.
It is uncommon that the mop will be fully wrung out in such a scenario as this is typically a time consuming and involved process.
Including a problem of liquid becoming contaminated and being re-applied to the surface, there is a problem of removing all liquid from the surface when repeatedly applying liquid, as well as the inconvenience of transport and storage of a mop and a bucket.
Furthermore, for some people there is a risk of spillages of the bucket, and its contents.
Introducing The rolling dry mop, this is a revolutionary product, all in one mop and bucket. Stinking mops and smelly buckets. Forget all that, this product is specially designed as it will clean all hard floors anywhere. It is so easy to use.

The key features of this amazing new product, which has never been thought of before: -

The micro fibre collects the liquid of any hard floor, Absorbing the liquid into the built-in water reservoir which will be able to collect up to 1 litre of liquid and disposed of when full, simply empty out and you are done.
The micro fibre is washable that is easily removed to clean and to re-use.
You can change the handle angle without effecting performance.
Simply roll and it will collect the liquid, you will then have a clean and dry floor without any hassle.
The handle is adjustable to suit your needs, and it also solves your storage solutions.

Executive Summary

As an Investor this is a huge potential for your investment under a Licence agreement.

Together we can Introduce the Rolls Royce of mop and bucket to the marketplace in all superstores as well as DIY Outlets, Argos, Amazon, including TV programs QVC etc
Selective product sales online website and more.


I have a patented product.
Prototype (This needs further adjustments for perfection)

I can share all other information for this product upon request as well a clip of the prototype working in motion.

Investment required for:

Marketing product

The amount required is an estimate cost to manufacture the product , however this amount could be far less and would depend on your contacts in the far east or Europe.

I would take royalties of between 10% - 15%

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