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Air compressors expert needs partner/investor

Member: goxelistan
Located in: Co. Limerick, Ireland

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Background Information

Im an air compressor expert.I can repair, rebuild(overhaul) and service any brand or type of air compressors.Im in Ireland for last 3 years as a non eu citizen(Turkish) and have been working for a sullair distributor during that while until the covid 10 situation.I have all the tools, gears and puller kits to run a whole business but because im non eu and I don't have stamp 4 immigration stamp on my passport I can not set up or run a business.
Im 33 years old but have been in this business since my childhood.Im looking for a hands on partner or investor to set up a start up business and run it.This business is very profitable and accepted all around the world.At the moment compressed air is 2nd biggest energy source in the industries after the electricity.
My target countries are usa, eu countries and uk.My investor/partner needs to sponsor me for my immigration status.
Kind Regards

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