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Opportunity to Invest in "Windows for a Next-Generation Internet" (NGI)

Member: RichJames
Located in: London, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Business Details

Business Stage:
  • Start-up/Seed (business to be started)
Amount Required:
  • £8000.00
Investment Types:
  • Equity/shares
  • Research of a business proposal
  • Product R&D
  • Initial start-up of business
  • Sales & marketing
  • Internet Services/ISP/Web

Short Description


We are a London-based registered UK LTD tech start-up, with offices in the HTP in Minsk, Belarus. We are partnered through the H2020 (EIC) FET and FTI and UKRI programmes with AIR/BISITE, Salmanca Uni (the so-called "Oxford of Spain") for key R&D disciplines and tech developments.


We are building a web browser + platform that functions as a 100% decentralised "user layer" for Blockchain in order to create a Next-Generation Internet (NGI) in the same way as Windows/web browsers functioned as a "user layer" for HTML internet to create the existing internet.


We have attracted a team of top global data scientists, database architects and senior software engineers who have worked on projects in the EU and US for global banking giants including Saxo Bank, Merrill Lynch and Google.


We have partnered with a mid-tier exchange, and are now looking to raise the remaining funds to complete the documents/process necessary to finalise our upcoming private sale seed round (£500K) and then move to MVP. A combination of equity/digital assets are on offer, with the possibility of follow-on funding as part of the seed round. We are in our partner's deal pipeline for June, so with your help we are primed to realise the enormous potential of this technology and hence the value of your investment in 6-9 months.

Executive Summary


Existing "decentralised" protocols (Blockchain/DLTs etc) are not integrating to form the "foundation" for an NGI in the way that was hoped. The tech is there. So why not? And how can this be solved?


The issue is straightforward: Blockchain is only 50% of the solution for an NGI. How so? Because Blockchain is good at decentralised DATA STORAGE ONLY. The other 50% required for an NGI is decentralised DATAFLOW. Our core tech ensures all internet dataflow - the "sharing" part - and not ONLY data storage - is decentralised, solving this fundamental paradox by allowing apps and dapps to effectively "talk to each other", irrespective of the underlying decentralised application or protocols.


In line with exponential uptake by our data provider partners, we anticipate a Year 1 increase of 413% in volume of business, rising to 1,581-1,590% over a 5-year period. This is due to the predicted exponential nature of industry vertical applications (including bank/PSP, data partners, etc) building on our open source, horizontal solution. This increase takes into account the projected 0.95% by Year 5 of the total international remittance market (USD $900BN) targeted by us in conjunction with our Payment Service Provider (PSP) partners (including Global Exchange, the world's #2 PSP by volume). This increase is benchmarked against PSP and other payment and trading activities (as projected in our pilot programme phase).


How we are minimising risk/technical challenges are best seen in the light of concept and application and development timeline:

- Mar-Oct 2019. Completed our Phase 1 R&D/core tech (TRL 5 "user layer" tech in back end testing) in conjunction with our EU academic and commercial partners, which allowed us to;

- Jan-Feb 2020. Attract a team of top global data scientists, database architects and senior software engineers.

- Mar 2020. Submitted at the Bank of England's (BoE) request our initial research in the form of a consultancy document for the foundations of a proposed UK CBDC.

- Jun 2020. Will raise 8K to complete final seed round documentation.

- Aug 2020. Will complete private sale seed round with capital raising partners.

- Sep 2020. Will complete Visual Layer for Browser apps;

- Nov 2020. Will complete network speed tweaking/Transactions Refactoring.

- Jan 2021. Will complete integration and testing of dFintech solutions;

- Mar 2021. Will complete MVP and bug fixing;

- May 2021. Will launch Small-Scale UK Pilot Programme in conjunction with banking/PSP/ not-for-profit partners.


To ensure the "vertical" benefits of our NGI solution are urgently delivered, we are engaging at the R&D stage with two core partner groups we view as vital for wide-scale adoption:

1. Payments Service Providers (PSPs), including the world?s #2 PSP (by volume), who we have contacts with via AIR/BISITE, to validate the robustness of our digital ID model and the efficiency of our system for payments and money transfers at enterprise level.

2. UK/EU legislators as part of various grant programmes we are involved in, including UKRI and the EU H2020 FET, FTI (EIC) and other programmes in order to ensure compliance and wide-scale adoption of our data storage/sharing model.


We have over 150 years domain experience with Blockchain/DLT etc, and fulfilling grant objectives, including:

- CHROMOSOME (coordinator): Change and analysis of consumer behaviour at smart homes via social machine. Funding body: Salamanca Ciudad de Cultura y Saberes Foundation.

- INNOBLOCKCHAIN (coordinator): Security and trust in digital services for contracting throughout blockchain technologies. Funding body: Institute for the enterprise competitiveness of Castilla y León.

- My-TRAC: My TRAvel Compagnion, Reference: 777640. Funding body: European Commission (Horizon 2020-S2RJU-2017).

- IOTEC: Development Of Technological Capabilities In The Industrial Application Of The Internet Of Things. Reference: 0123_IOTEC_3_E. Funding body: Interreg program V-A Spain-Portugal 2014-2020 (PocTep):

- SILOSENS (coordinator): Feed monitoring in silo by means of smart sensors. Funding body: General Foundation of the University of Salamanca.


- R Casado-Vara, J Prieto, JM Corchado (2018). How Blockchain could improve fraud detection in power distribution grid. SOCO2018.

- R Casado-Vara, J Prieto, JM Corchado. (2018). How blockchain improves the agriculture supply chain: case study alimentary supply chain via blockchain. MobiSPC2018.

- R Casado-Vara, F Prieto-Castrillo, JM Corchado (2017). A game theory approach for cooperative control to improve data quality and false data detection in WSN. International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control.

- F Prieto-Castrillo, S Kusch, JM Corchado (2017). Distributed Sequential Consensus in Networks. Analysis of Partially-Connected Blockchains with Uncertainty. Complexity.

- Hacker Noon. "Covid-19 Exposes the Myth of Bitcoin as a Safe Haven?

- Hacker Noon. "Why Digital Fiat Currencies Need to be Based on Data Value"

- Crypto Hub. "Why the ?Data Economy? is Not (Yet) a Real Economy"

- Crypto Hub. "Another Engineered Global Economic Crisis Looming? Not if Our Data Economy Can Help it"

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