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I am running a sucessful online business with some strong keywords on google. We sell electric bikes / scooters / mopeds. I am looking for an investor to help get some stock to process our orders and spend more on marketing plus some mentoring.

Member: scanviewelectronics
Located in: Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Business Details

Business Stage:
  • Started (ready for first growth)
Amount Required:
  • £60000.00
Investment Types:
  • Debt/loan financing
  • Equity/shares
  • Initial start-up of business
  • Sales & marketing
  • General expansion of business
  • Equipment/inventory purchase
  • Electronics & Electrical
  • Environmental Services
  • Import/Export
  • Internet Services/ISP/Web
  • Retail Trade & Shops
  • Sports/Leisure/Tourism/Recreation
  • Wholesale Trade

Short Description

At Electric Bike Scooter Car, we are an online company in the UK registered as Scanview Electronics Ltd. We have a website selling electric bikes / scooters / mopeds and are ranking for some good keywords like electric moped / electric moped uk / cheap electric scooters / cheap electric bikes / electric moped road legal / on google and bing.

Electric vehicles are the way forward as they do not emit C02 gases and only cost from 5 pence to charge fully.

We get around 4-5 enquiries a day and can convert 70% of them but we have issues with stock. Can double this if we follow my plan.
At the moment we do not have stock due to the expense in importing them so we are looking for funding by an investor to buy in stock and fulfil the company potential.

Also we would like to spend more in marketing so increase spend on seo / pla / facebook and cpa based marketing.

At the moment im paying $400 a month on seo, by increasing marketing, we can double the number of enquiries and orders.

We are looking to expand rapidly

We have other business ideas with great potential if you contact me, i would go over them

We are looking for investment alongside business mentoring.

I have a full business plan for your perusal

Looking forward to working with you..

Executive Summary

Online business which is ready to market straightaway.
We sell electric bikes / scooters / hoverboards / mopeds online and are ranking well on google and bing with premium keywords.
Plus wholesale business requiring input to get started.

Our projection is £300,000 profit after year 1 and £500,000 by year 2, with Turnover exceeding 5+ million
This is a definite projection with 70% coming from the online business and 30% coming from wholesale.

What's the state of the business today?
The business has great potential, its getting daily enquiries around 3-5 solid enquiries of customers looking to buy but have a couple of questions which can turn into 3 orders direct and from enquiries.
Enquiries are almost always convertible, customers might have a product question or delivery question but is intent on buying.
However we are not able to convert all the enquiries and sales because we have stock issues as it costs £50-70k+ to bring in container loads from china and Italy due to the size of the items we would need to order maybe 2 large container from china and one small from Italy.
Our business has found its way as since March2016 we have been consistently growing each month and are now ranking for high quality keywords like electric moped, electric moped uk, electric moped dealer, cheap electric scooters, cheap electric bikes and many others bringing in lots of traffic from Google UK
The business SCANVIEW ELECTRONICS LTD is estd 1983 and we sold consumer electronics items, however we shut the shop in 2013. After 1-2 years we launched our electric vehicle website and we were not really doing much as we had wrong seo companies [affects 80% of companies using seo]but since mid 2016, are now with top 3rd best seo company in India so are gaining more traffic and moving higher up the search engines. However to get more orders and traffic we need to increase the seo spend to $800 from $400 a month.
We are looking at promoting my company Diamond Electricalz Ltd or we can use Scanview ElectronicsLtd . A very important point I would like to make is the old website was designed 2013 I believe at which point very few websites were mobile and tablet friendly. Since than its become mandatory to be responsive ie: mobile and tablet friendly. I read that 60% of all online sales and enquiries now include a search on a smartphone or tablet pc. This means I was missing 60% of traffic and enquiries and orders because of the design. So in February-May 2017 we invested £1750.00 to totally redesign the website and make it mobile and tablet friendly. It is modern, attractive, highly navigational and gives confidence to the browser. In June end we also invested in a ssl certificate to increase security whilst browsing so now when customers browse and register, they can see a green padlock telling them its secure.
We also would like to have exposure on social media: facebook, google+, Instagram, twitter and pinterest so people can share and talk about us. Infact instagram is known as a great channel to get exposure and only 25% of businesses using social media are using instagram. We would like to get daily posts and spend £300 a month on facebook and instagram ads to get orders and exposure.
I have also been advised to try product listing ads on google as it is instant advertising and is highly effective and much stronger than google adwords.
Our forecast if we increase seo, have social media campaigns, increase advertising in pla, do some cpa affiliate marketing, With the stock being available too, we are looking at £170-200 profits per item so around 6 orders a day in year 1 so £1200 a day after 3 months.
This is 7 days a week 365 days a year so annual profits : £300k++ in year 1.
We can increase this if we rank for other keywords like electric bike type keywords or electric scooter type keywords.

What's the growth strategy?
The first thing is to spend more on seo to $800 a month to really go after the keywords we have already ranking on page 2 and 3 of google plus add other big keywords too and increase pla ads to £350+ a month and social media to £300+ a month
The next thing is to order the stock by assessing the most selling items and than get 2x 40 foot containers with electric bikes, hoverboards and mopeds from china and 20 foot container from Italy
Plus when we can invest in social we can buy clicks on facebook and Instagram, maybe £300 a month. [being active on social media is essential as users tend to share with other members and the return is good [having spoken to website owners who use social media]]
If you see the keywords currently ranking are like: electric moped 2900 searches a month / electric moped uk 800 searches a month / cheap electric scooters 490 searches a month / cheap electric bikes 350 searches a month on google plus loads of others. These are big keywords, we need to push them higher and maintain their quality.
Our aim is to get £1200+ a day profit / with a monthly profit of around £30k+ within the first 3 months.
Which if all this is done, we will achieve I believe.
We can also add more profit per sale as there is room for more profit without affecting the daily orders.
For our business: electric bike scooter car outside of google, we can do affiliate marketing based on CPA method ie: only pay commission once the item is sold. This is big business and we will be on sites like wowcher, quidco, groupon and other affiliate companies.
As its CPA, its low risk
This is something we can do once we have the stock in
We can also signup with NHS / Military based websites whereby we are given a listing on their sites and their exclusive members can buy from us. Some sites getting 500k users a month
Maybe to have maximum exposure we should also stock low priced items that can be sold on the site too.
SEO can take 8-12 months minimum for new companies and is very hard if company is a startup, but because we have been trying since 2013, we have been able to get ranking for big keywords. The success is due to the current seo company who we are working with for 15 months now, they have been great. Before them we had no exposure.

Once we get going we can move into a warehouse and maybe hire 1 staff to make and receive calls and 1 to process the orders , I can manage the warehouse. Before we move into a warehouse, we can work with a call centre in india to answer calls, I will answer emails and we can stock items in a storage container.

How much money are you looking to raise?
We have invested $2k to redesign the site without affecting the seo so not given to anybody, I have given it to my current seo provider as he knows how to integrate best. Plus im spending $400 a month on seo.
Next thing is stock, I believe we need around £65k-75k to invest in stock and than keep growing, so we need to invest in stock and ship it by sea from China and Italy.
I have very good freight forwarders who can manage the whole process including duty clearance.
I also require that the investor invests more in seo to maybe $800 a month so it will bring in more keywords quicker and push the existing ones further
I would also like to invest £350-500 a month in google pla and £300 a month on facebook and Instagram ads.
Plus eventually the cost of leasing a warehouse and hiring 2 staff once we have accommodated everything.
All products are with ce or eec and the Chinese / Italy factories will be validated.
The investor can also be a mentor as well or a business partner.

At what valuation?
Im looking to give my investor 25% of the equity of the business or a 25% of the profit per item.
We can even accept a financial loan based deal whereby we pay interest on the loan spread over a number of years.
You will get a great return of your income from investing £65k on the business in one year and in year 2+ you will make triple.
I have some great ideas about increasing our business plan which I would be honoured to discuss once I get a investor / mentor on board

Product Description
Electric Bikes are very cost effective only costing 3-4 pence to charge giving 30+ miles on one charge. Compared to petrol driven cars which will cost around £5 to drive this distance.
Also electric vehicles do not emit co2 emissions and can be charged using renewable energy so are environmentally friendly
They have very low carbon emission because they are electric
Electric mopeds are for those that want to go bit faster up to 30mph and need a moped looking vehicle
Electric hoverboards are for fun and are suitable for gifts
Electric cars are very good for all weather transport especially in winter
1. Electric bikes costing from $300 depending on lithium or lead acid / folding / mens / ladies
Speed 15.5mph
Motor 250 watt
30+ miles on one charge
3-5 pence per charge
Environmentally friendly

2. Electric moped from $500 for lithium or lead acid
Speed up to 30mph
Motor around 800 watt
40 miles + on one charge
5-8 pence per charge
Environmentally friendly no emmissions

3. Electric hoverboard / electric scooter from $99
for fun only

4. Electric no license scooter from $500
no license / insurance / registration

5. Electric car / scooter / 3 wheel from $1500
- modern design with good economy
-from 1000watt motor
-speed from 30 mph

About Me
I am a keen environmentalist and by selling electric vehicles it helps the environment and is cheap to run so does not use petrol and the body is light compared to a car.
I am also a business man coming from a strong line of self employed family members so I believe this business is extremely lucrative and viable and if my plan is followed, can be extremely profitable too.

Please I hope that you found my introduction to the business good to read, I would like to maybe talk over skype and/or meet face to face to discuss this business opportunity and also my lucrative expansion plans.

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