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Precious Jewellery manufacturing, Whole sale and Retail

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Located in: London, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

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Background Information

I'm currently in the process of acquiring a well established Jewellery manufacturing, wholesale and retail business with a vision to expand the market share in UK and internationally.

Looking for a partner who is passionate in building a global fashion brand with a long term view. Prefer some one experienced in fashion industry or sales and marketing but not mandatory. He/she should be investing £80k in the business. I will issue up to 30% share to the new partner. I'm open to discuss the level of involvement of the new partner if he/she wishes to involve in the business.

The Business and goals
AA Designs Limited (not the real name) is a manufacturer, whole seller and retailer of Swarovski Crystal Jewellary, operating as a family run business over the last 15 years. AA Designs specializes in jewellery made in Swarovski Crystal. One of just a handful of companies in the UK able to source its raw materials directly from Swarovski, AA Designs has over 1,000 designs within its exclusive product range including wedding jewellery, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, jewellery sets and cufflinks.

The proposal is to buy over the full shares capital of the business with a vision to expand the Crystal Jewellery market in UK and abroad. Business will also diversify into natural diamond Jewellery market with a partnership of a global manufacturer with patented technology pending.

A full scale re branding and improved sales strategies will be developed in promoting the product online and off line aggressively. New designs and a wider range of products will be introduced.

Proposed project is to increase the first year turnover from £150k to £400k.
In the second year to achieve £700k turnover and establish sales channels in US, France, Italy and Germany.

Third year to achieve over £1 million turnover and also to start manufacturing Diamond rings in the UK with a partnership with the overseas manufacturer fully capitalising from the opportunities created by Brexit.

Fourth year to be among the top 15 Jewellery brands in the UK and further expanding into export market.

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