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Precious Jewellery manufacturing, Whole sale and Retail

Member: pererap
Located in: London, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Business Details

Business Stage:
  • Established (MBI or to purchase)
Amount Required:
  • £160000.00
Investment Types:
  • Equity/shares
  • Management buy-in/buy-out
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Fashion & Design
  • Retail Trade & Shops
  • Wholesale Trade

Short Description

Capital Required £160,000
Self-funded by Directors £80,000
Angle Investment needed £80,000
Stage Profitable
Investor Role Equity Investment (Open to negotiate)

Short Summary
AA Designs is a manufacturer, whole seller and retailer of Swarovski Crystal Jewellary, operating as a Limited Company over the last 15 years. AA Designs specializes in jewellery made in Swarovski Crystal. One of just a handful of companies in the UK able to source its raw materials directly from Swarovski, AA Designs has over 1,000 designs within its exclusive product range including wedding jewellery, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, jewellery sets and cufflinks.

The proposal is to buy over the full share capital of the business with a vision to expand the Crystal Jewellery market in UK and abroad. Business will also diversify into natural diamond Jewellery market with a partnership of a global manufacturer with a patented technology pending.

Executive Summary

The Business
Proposed project is to buy over the AA Designs outright and secure a sole trader agreement with the Diamond manufacturer that is currently in negotiation with.
Business will diversify into natural diamond jewellery market as the sole trader of AAA brand manufactured by Red Diamonds Ltd. AA Designs will also release its own editions of Diamond Jewelleries under its own brand.

A full scale re branding and improved sales strategies will be developed in promoting the product online and off line aggressively. New designs and a wider range of products will be introduced.

Proposed project is to increase the first year turnover from £150k to £400k.
In the second year to achieve £700k turnover and establish sales channels in US, France, Italy and Germany.

Third year to achieve over £1 million turnover and also to start manufacturing Diamond rings in the UK with a partnership with the overseas manufacturer fully capitalising from the opportunities created by Brexit.
Fourth year to be among the top 15 Jewellery brands in the UK and further expanding into export market.

The Market
UK Jewellary market worth £5 billion. The global market is £125 Billion. The market can be categorized into Precious, fashion and contemporary Jewelleries. The proposed business targets at precious and fashion markets. Both UK and global market is growing and by 2020 it is estimated to cross £150 billion. Market is expected to grow at 3-5% year on year. Current trend shows the market of branded products are growing.
Our Crystal products are 100% designed and manufactured in the UK. Present political climate encourage UK manufacturing.
Diamond products are manufactured by our overseas manufacturer on a unique and a patented carbon base as opposed to the traditional clow based setting.
Business goals are set to capitalize from opportunities created by Brxit in next 2 to 5 years.

* The business model and the product of the Crystal Jewellary line is tested and proven during last 15 years. Yer-on-year sales is regularly meeting £150k.
* Strong e-commerce presence ? six websites and Amazon UK, Amazon US (with approval to sell precious jewellery) France and Germany.
* In addition the business works very closely with Amazon in the UK, France, Germany and the USA.
* Major retail channel via Christian bookshops supported by Sales Agents.
* Strong direct supplier relationship with Swarovski for raw materials ? one of only a few in the UK.
* Diamond Jewellery product line is proven and tested by the manufacturer in other markets mainly in Dubai and US via different trade customers. Not tested in the UK market commercially. Few products have been sold to personally known clients and have received good responds. There is great potential for this product in the US, UK and EU markets and the already establish sales channels by AA Designs could be utilized to cross sale the diamond product line.

The Team
Prasanna Perera - Managing Director;

Prasanna Perera will spearhead the team and develop business strategies. Prasanna is an experienced entrepreneur currently owns West London Property Claims Ltd he started and build since 2003. He has demonstrated great resilience and perseverance during a difficult period in the business and doubled up the growth in rescuing the business. This year the business is all set to cross £1 million turnover under his leadership.
Prasanna has experience in startups business working with Rockstar business mentor Peter Rawson in building Growing in Coir Company. He has developed valuable experience in sales working with a sales team guided by Michael Clerk in his startup business.
Prasanna is also an experienced MLM business owner with experience in relationship marketing and team building and mentoring.

Shyamalie Ranasinghe ? Director;
Shyamalie will lead and look after manufacturing section. She comes from a skincare and beauty background and has a good eye and touch to develop the skills required in jewellery manufacturing by working with the experienced home worker company currently employs for many years.

2 x workers manufacturing the Jewellery including the director Shyamalie. New business will retain the experienced home worker to operate in the business as usual who has been working for the company for many years.

3 experienced sales agents in the team currently working on commission based. Team will be increased to 5 in the first year.

An experienced marketing and PR consultant is to work with Prasanna.

A reliable virtual assistant team will be used for all first line customer support services.

The Deal
Business will issue 30% of equity for the new investors.
The funds will be used to buy stocks, web site development and marketing.

Financials (Previous)
Year Turnover(£) Gross Profit(£)
2015 156,954 81,154
2014 159,631 73,197
2013 149,316 66,464

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