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Social crypto site to revolutionise online mainstream payments and trading

Member: pawsluszko
Located in: London, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Business Details

Business Stage:
  • Start-up/Seed (business to be started)
Amount Required:
  • £150000.00
Investment Types:
  • Equity/shares
  • Product R&D
  • Initial start-up of business
  • Sales & marketing
  • Advertising, PR & Marketing
  • Internet Services/ISP/Web
  • IT Services/Consulting

Short Description

Communicai is a game-changing, AI-assisted Web 3.0 platform that allows a user to turn their "social currency" (i.e., social media popularity, following, "Likes" etc) into actual, tradable cryptocurrency. This new social and economic paradigm means users can use site engagement and great content to increase the value of this "personalised" currency whilst also being able to spend and trade it online, anonymously and securely, along with all the other crypts in a user's wallet.

Imagine the power and possibilities: a decentralised platform that can achieve this stability by utilising millions of micro economies mathematically and algorithmically linked to our platform's native macro token would liberate the world from economic inequality while disrupting several $000 million industries, organisations and centralised institutions.

We have built the core tech for this platform (with 100% POC). As a result, our early investors are set to not only benefit from amazing ROI on equity but also the exponentially increasing value of our site token that will power this disruptive platform.

We are now seeking strategic partnerships in this and analogous spaces (including online retail, media, affiliate marketing, and many more), along with funding to complete certain key features whilst also deploying our innovative roll-out strategy in around 4-5 months time.

Executive Summary


Communicai was formed in January 2017, and is owned by the CEO and majority shareholder, Paul Sluszko, with co-founder Rich James acting as non-executive director.


Imagine being able to communicate and socialise while making secure and anonymous payments and trading as easily as posting - and all in a currency you influence the value of; a personalised currency that is tradable and exchangeable via our platform against fiat.

Sounds incredible, but our game-changing "Social Blockchain" tech promises this liberating future for every individual, group and community, putting social, political and economic power back in the hands of those who should be in control of society and the internet - you, your friends, family, colleagues and the communities they represent.

Our platform, Communicai, provides an integrated, publicly accessible solution to data and other censorship problems of existing Web 2.0 social networks (the recent Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal and the US elections being two good examples of the failings Web 2.0) as well as integrating crypto trading and advanced AGI applications via decentralised social media built on Blockchain.

Communicai is essentially the "missing piece" of the puzzle as regards integrating all other Blockchain/crypto/AGI tech and applications into a single Web 3.0 application.

The bottom line is, whoever can perform that neat trick, will change the world: that is our fundamental aim - to change the world for every individual, permanently and for the better.

Read more about our fundamental tech here:

Read more about our tokenisation model here:


Critically, we have built the core "Social Blockchain" tech (the hard part) so we know it works.

We are now looking for £150,000 to complete certain features (£70,000 Blockchain integration, £90000 ICO marketing) that we need to go to initial coin offering (ICO) as well as for pre-ICO marketing.

ICO is sensible for us as our platform supports our native token, Communicoin (CMC) with utility that has almost no practical alternatives. (Utility being what gives Bitcoin and ETH its value.)

We thus see this as a unique investment opportunity: your investment will deliver a workable MVP within a few short months (3-4) to the market whilst promoting this MVP via the mechanism of an ICO (a powerful marketing and community building tool, when done properly).

In this way, our early investors stand to make significant ROI in a short space of time. We are offering $25,000 or (CMC 54,000) + 6% equity in the company. We anticipate our coin to quadruple in the first twelve months post-ICO, and thus any investor stands to recoup initial investment within 12-18 months whilst benefiting from increased company value and exponentially increasing revenue gained through on-site transaction fees.

As a result of this tech, we stand to disrupt many centralised Web 2.0 industries and models, including Blockchain/crypto trading and payments ($1 trillion annual market), the international remittance market ($900 billion annually), big data applications, including the CRM market (£27 billion annually) and communications/social media (ad spend $65 billion annually). (Please request our pitch deck for exact figures and market adoption model.)

Join us today in creating this brave new world and we will be trading by end 4th Quarter 2019.


We have assembled a team of principals with many years experience in delivering IT driven business value, Blockchain, crypto, social media and AGI, as well as industry-renowned marketing talent and regulatory advisers. Our team has accepted part-equity part-CMC due to their commitment in the enormous potential of our platform. (Full principal' bios in our whitepaper/pitch deck.)

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