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CuraSol - health weeks

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CuraSol - why?
when chronical pain is determining your daily life, then not only the quality of life is impaired...
it will become a real burden ...!
Rheume, Osteoporosis and Arthritis are nowaday some of the mayor health problems of our society... millions of people are suffering from the consequences of these chronic
diseases ...
As I have such a case in my own family and knowing also other persons with the same
ailments, I started to organize a new program under the name CURASOL Reha
health weeks for rheume, osteoporosis and arthrosis...
As I am working since many years as consultant for Hotel operations, my wife was several
times with me on the Costa del Sol in the south of Spain.
She always confirmed me, that the sojourns in Spain have brought her considerable relief
from her pain (Osteoporosis)...
Together with the Federal association of Osteoporosis in Germany I developed a program
only dedicated to persons with Osteoporosis .... together with professional physiotherpists
from the association we carried out a full integrated program every day from 8:00 am until
6:00 pm with aqua-fitness, dry gymnastics, Qigong, Tai Chi. Nordic walking and biking....
Besides this full program of physical action, I hvae organized also a cooking-course for
mediterranean cuisine as well as advice and information talks with all participants about
their illness....
Within a short period of time there was real 'holiday-ambiente' and a feeling of well-being
for everyone in our group ....
This was the beginning of the first detailed CuraSol healthprogram for this special target
I want to continue with this most promising program to help all these people in alleviating
their diseases .... and give them new strenght and vitality for the everyday life ....
My motto : "Care and devotion is the utmost present we can give to our patients"
Therefor I am looking for an actif PARTNER who is interested with me in a new company (ltd.)
to develop this promising market in UK - Ireland - Norway - Sweden and Germany

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