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Free user brain trainer to enhance commercial creativity by inventing,testing,progressing ideas in real time using a global voting system to sell high value ideas to investors

Member: yobrain
Located in: East Riding of Yorkshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

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Business Stage:
  • Started (ready for first growth)
Role Required:
  • Consultant/Advisor
  • Education & training
Time needed:
  • Any



Background --

Internet marketing / business training ;educational publishing.creative thinker ; global outlook - believes project is the "Big idea " He seeks .

Excited to help formulate enhanced technology & select international team .

Will consider meeting founder at "The Ritz Hotel London " IDEALLY ; on one of the following dates : 24th;25th;26th ;27th Ocober 2014 .To establish rapor & possible business agreement ..

NB ------HQ Could be in London Yorkshire ; Cornwall ; Asia ( We have office near Looe investment needed ) Building available in Asia .( Mian Channu PK no investment needed )

AIM : To progress project over one year to meet agreed traction with mentor / partner, BEFORE any investment made .Then by mentor/ partner or consortium .This to reduce investors risk

.Official launch & presentation to investors in June 2015.

PROBLEM ..."Invent or die ! " Universal cry to innovate .current educational programs failing to produce sufficient creative thinkers .

How to increase student creativity to accelerate world economic growth using an educational system open to all ;rich or poor.

SOLUTION ...Build Internet technology platform using latest brain research teaching .commercial creativity by students inputting ideas via mobile devices to test & progress them using a global voting system open to all .


Former teacher of creative subjects , research on training the brain for commercial creativity... Produced a number of experimental websites building lists ; wishes to use this research in "brain " project.

." BRAIN " Standing for : Business Revolution @ Internet Now . "


FINANCIALS --- Research experimental ,websites content hosting funded by founder
over 5 years £15,000.

£2,500 from investor no strings ,£3,000 enterprise grant .

Founder funding presentation to crowd funding sites in October.

Applying for grant from local resource .November

Founder can fund presentation video & " White paper ."

No debt ..Audited accounts 2012/13 . 2013 / 14 being audited.



Research sites 1; 2 ;3 4;5 ;6 . with list of 10,000 .+

Blog active . Prototype website active; primed with 250 original ideas .

Trained marketing team in Davao City Philippines ready to roll
" User guide " available to download now.

Use of building in Mian Channu Punjab .possible as research centre .

Explainer video ..Animation as example of videos we could produce to teach by entertainment. within the educational modules ---- See blog post. & " User guide ."

Lead generation product ( 200 original images ) ready to roll; including sales letter .

Considerable sized archive on internet marketing ...mainly info products / video's
Inc ; Resell rights .

World expert on Sir George Cayley ...Including exhibition of five models reconstructed .designs in Yorkshire Air Museum.

Two inventions to progress . Designed to save lives from drowning .

VISION .......Future in year 2020

Now the premier site for training students to enhance creativity ..including business ;schools colleges;governmental departments;

Used by entrepreneurs investors to view global business trends ..

A risk assessment tool for seed startups

Gives millions in the third world opportunity to learn basics of internet business models


Wish to find mentor / partner who will ultimately manage the business ( with equity ) ..Founder role to run the research centre

. The technology allows for unlimited scaling up with free content after the tipping point When a steady stream of ideas are loaded by students .This can happen quickly
when schools are contracted ..


PLAN .. Between now & official launch in June 2015 .

Find business partner ( s ) Or mentor becomes a partner .

.Produce 12 Educational modules inc. video's ;: attempt crowd funding as a marketing strategy .

Market to establish community ..Initial presentation as tool for poor .See animation footer .link in New blog post on blog .

Ramp up the traffic and start to test ideas currently on Site .

Produce marketing video .. This should be complete inhouse by October .

Establish forum of Experts ...listed on website .some agreed already
Interview Heads of Colleges ;schools Universities; business training schools ;seeking Contracts to input " Brain " As a training tool for business startups ;marketing training .

1st market ..Build list from student bases. Asia mainly ..they are keen & we can offer schools a laptop to gain entry .Contacts established . Main problem transportation of laptops to Asian clients.

2nd market ...Investment houses ..Offer to test archived ideas & funding proposals .

Acts as risk assessment tool ..


Information products with resell rights ...Including inhouse lead generator

Modules on internet marketing to test ideas..... membership fees

Contracts from educational organizations.

Rent the training platform business training orgs. schools

Advertising .. banks: loan companies
Sale of equity .

Sale of reports on market trends or tested ideas

Joint ventures ...Know how to build large lists of selected biz people cheaply

Educational videos...See example on blog

Conferencing Training workshops .

Rent sell lists ; Sell to lists

Please view the Website & Blog ..Read top ranking article on website .
Please contact us or meet us personally at the Ritz for more information

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