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Perfect Roses Farm LTD partner in perfect high quality roses fresh for longer

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Located in: Essex, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

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Background Information

Perfect Roses is an award winning company with a passion for excellence. Having
successfully developed an export trade to the Netherlands, we are now looking to
enter the UK market.

Assistance is required to create a presence in the UK, gain direct wholesale customers
and develop an ongoing marketing strategy and associated activities.

General market data has been compiled and some understanding of the ?big picture?
obtained. A brief overview is provided below

we grow and distribute 300,000 PERFECT roses worldwide each month. In an ever changing and competitive market our goal is to grow the finest quality roses that stay fresh for 10 - 14 days. Reduce the points of handling and find the quickest way to get our flowers from the farm to our customers in order to help us achieve even longer shelf life.

Farm Size : 20 Acres Volume: 300,000 rose stems per month
Varieties: Valentino, Calypso, Viva, Jet Set, Dream, Chelsea
Location : Mukono, Uganda ' The Pearl of Africa'.

Management Team

? Managing Director: Hope Kabirisi over 30
years experience in management, quality
control and standardisation.
? General Manager: Godfrey Luberenga has
over 15 years experience in growing roses.
? Edgar Luberenga 10 years IT experience ,
programming, hardware, software and
website design.

Perfect Roses Current Production Volumes

? Currently produce 300,000 ? 400,000 stem per
? Deliver all roses produced with in 24 hours to Holland.
? Potential for new market opportunities routing to Heathrow
(LHR) has been tested and can be done.
? 3 Flights a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday
? Current price per stem is $0.02

Perfect Roses Current Sales

? Based on selling 400,000 to our dutch buyers Rosalink NL every
month at $0.02 is about $8,000
? Latest exchange rate from $ to ? on xe.
com/ucc is 1.27828
? Sales per month is ?6,258.40
? Loans and operational costs ?5,000 per month
? Income of about ?1,258.40 per month (pm)


? Instead of focusing on increasing production, instead we are going to
focus on increasing the sale value of every stem we grow.
? Currently we sell 100% of our roses are sold at $0.02 the lowest price in the distribution channel.
? By changing our point of sale to the UK market we move up the distribution channel and targeting to sell
30% of current volume at £0.25 per stem whole sale in (Phase 1:
Low foot print) we can make an increase on current sales of up to
30 times to £30,000 per month.
? By selling 10% of current volume on-line as part of a gifts range
each stem attains added value of between £1-£10 this can generate
about £40,000 per month.

Below are the price points at each stage of the Distribution channel

$0.012 Local Ugandan Flower Market
$0.02 Dutch Client Rosalink since (2008)
?0.10 Dutch Auction Market (Purchasing Price point for supermarkets does not include cost to transport and packing in small bunches and bouquets) i.e
Tesco, Sainsbury?s, Waitrose*,LIDL, Co-operative,ASDA, M&S,Netto,Iceland,NISA Todays, Somerfield,Morrisons,ALDI make 65% of the £2.2bn Flower market
£0.25 if a stand is set up in Covent Garden Flower Market selling to Independent florists
£0.40 Selling price of most supermarkets Buying Departments in bundles/bouquet
£1-10 Sale price when included in gift sets such as Champagne, chocolates and soft toys.


The first step is to identify those potential customers with the capacity to
take the required minimum order. 1 box (1000 roses) The results of this will determine the way forward.

If it is determined that there are only a small number of potential customers, a precisely
targeted direct campaign is suggested. However, should the market appear larger and
wider, then a broader PR based campaign would be appropriate.

Our current strategy for moving forward:

Phase I - June 2012

? Identify potential customers within target market, i.e., wholesalers, agents and

large retailers. Establish their respective supply chains, purchasing habits?.is
there a gap between what they need/want and what they are currently

? Clarification of Unique Selling Proposition

? Development of Action Plan

During this phase we will analyse the information gathered,
establish the distinct selling points from which an Action Plan can be developed.

Phase II ? July ? October 2012

? Develop the Perfect Roses in a way that will resonate with the UK market.

? If the potential market in terms of customer contacts is small (say 6 or less), we

will target specifically and gain introductions
If appropriate, research and contact relevant media channels, such as, trade
press, social media, etc. to build relationship with editors, gain article submission
requirements, deadlines, etc.
Development of ?adaptable? press release

? In conjunction with the above, clarification of an overarching marketing and PR


? Development of plan for phased implementation including scope for advertising spend if appropriate,we are looking for investor, mentor that can help us achieve our Goal.

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