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Tax advice guides

Personal Income tax, Inheritance tax, capital gains tax, corporation tax, property letting tax, how to use your business to minimise tax payments.... we get asked questions about all of this and more. Here is Company Partners resource of tax solutions:

We have teamed up with one of the leading suppliers of tax information to answer your most asked questions, help you to save thousands in tax and make the most of your finances ...

Business Tax

Saving tax using a company

Contains all the information you will ever need on the tax benefits and drawbacks of running your business through a limited company Click here

Salary or dividends

As a shareholder or director of a company you can save thousands in tax by selecting the best combination of salary and dividends. Click here

Small business accounts

This plain-English guide tells you everything you need to know about small business bookkeeping, accounting, tax returns and VAT. Click here

Selling your business

A potential minefield with numerous traps to avoid but significant tax saving opportunities. This guide will arm you with all the essential information. Click here

Personal Tax

Inheritance tax planning

This shows you how to protect your family from paying 40% inheritance tax. With both simple and sophisticated tax planning techniques & easy to follow examples. Click here

Tax relief on pensions

How to grow a substantial retirement fund by claiming thousands in additional tax relief on your pension contributions. Click here

Investors tax bible

This guide contains detailed advice on how to pay less capital gains tax, income tax and inheritance tax on your stock market investments and dealings. Click here

Salary sacrifice advantages

This excellent guide explains how you could boost your pension pot by over £50,000 (possibly over £100,000)... with the taxman picking up the entire bill. Click here

Property Tax

Property tax

Find out how you could be paying far less income and capital gains tax on all your property assets and investments. Click here

Using a property company

This guide shows you how by using a property company to manage all your property dealings, you could increase your property returns by almost 40%. Click here

Saving on Property Gains Tax

This bestselling tax guide contains dozens of capital gains tax saving strategies for property investors and second home owners. Click here

How to build a property portfolio

This comprehensive book tells you everything you need to know about building a highly profitable student property portfolio. Click here

Non Resident and Off-shore Tax

Offshore tax planning

Find out how to exploit non-resident tax status to reduce your tax bill to virtually zero. Also contains detailed advice on using offshore trusts and companies. Click here

Tax savings for non-doms

This unique tax saving guide explains in plain English the new tax rules for non-domiciled individuals that allow you to keep money offshore and tax free. Click here

Small business accounts

How you can use them to cut your taxes to zero and to safeguard your financial freedom. Click here