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Start or grow your business now – what’s holding you back?

Start and grow your business

Start and grow your business in 2013

It’s a New Year and the entrepreneurial juices are flowing. It’s time to start the business that you’ve been talking about for years. What’s stopping you?

Or maybe you’ve already got a business but it’s not growing as fast as you had thought, what has to happen to make this year the year it doubles its revenue?

I’ve talked to thousands of prospective entrepreneurs and small businesses over the years and surprisingly it’s not always lack of funding that is the biggest hurdle. It’s fear of the unknown.

Whether you are dreaming of starting a business or hoping that this year your business is going to somehow take off, it is much more comfortable to continue dreaming than to do something about it. The dream is warm and cosy; we can lie in bed and feel comforted that our lives can change for the better at any time. But if we take action, what if it doesn’t work out? There’s no longer a dream just trouble.

When I started Company Partners, one of the key drivers was to allow people to find a business partner with complementary skills and a like-mind. Having a partner will motivate and encourage anyone starting a new business. It’s quite daunting by yourself.

For existing businesses, sometimes it’s not a new (expensive) employee that you need but someone else with ideas and energy that could join as a risk (and reward) taking partner to grow the business.

Yes having the funds to start or grow a business is also important and that’s why we have such a strong Investor community on Company Partners, but the first thing is to stop dreaming and do it.

There are things you can do to get the ball rolling. Write down your ideas for a business, or the way that you would like to grow, think what you need to do in order to make this happen. Dare I say, join Company Partners and search for a business partner, or Investor.

The key is to get started. Don’t wait, have drive, energy builds on energy.